Technical Speak- From the Weak Write Test Mode Saga

“You have excellent PowerPoint skills.” Joe Schutz had requested two slides on Weak Write Test Mode to include in a presentation to his manager. On loan to Joe’s microprocessor design team I reported into him via Doug Guddat who managed the memory design group. Joe had asked me directly for the slides and I delivered….

36 Views of Conversations with my PhD Advisor: View 2

Moments do exist in an engineering career when you question yourself. Am I in the right place? Am I good enough? Sometimes it gets bad enough that you fall into Imposter Syndrome. Firmly, I believe everyone has these moments. If they say they don’t then they are lying and don’t seek them for advice in…

I Need Her Feedback

Pete Magnani managed the technical training classes at IBM’s mid-Hudson Valley sites. He had created the test training class due to lack of teaching on this topic at college. The class lasted ten to twelve weeks, with each class session held for two hours. Each week we had a different IBM employee lecture about equipment,…

Predicting Fails for I/O Timings: Tales from the Intel I/O Test Road Map

While Spass and Mike measured actual I/O timing failures, I simulated possible defect causes and their impact on timing performance. I used techniques I honed in graduate school on deformations to circuit misbehavior. Process variation could hypothetically contribute to circuit timing fails, though analog circuit designers mitigated the impact of such variation to circuit performance….