Technical Speak- From the Weak Write Test Mode Saga

“You have excellent PowerPoint skills.” Joe Schutz had requested two slides on Weak Write Test Mode to include in a presentation to his manager. On loan to Joe’s microprocessor design team I reported into him via Doug Guddat who managed the memory design group. Joe had asked me directly for the slides and I delivered….

Traveling as I Turn 55

“Happy Birthday, Love and Hugs” greeted me first thing in the morning, a message from my sister Margaret. At 5:45 am Josh drives to me the airport, the plane to San Francisco departs at 7 am. I have a day filled with meetings ahead of me. Working on my birthday—a necessity for this self-employed engineer….

36 Views of Conversations with my PhD Advisor: View 2

Moments do exist in an engineering career when you question yourself. Am I in the right place? Am I good enough? Sometimes it gets bad enough that you fall into Imposter Syndrome. Firmly, I believe everyone has these moments. If they say they don’t then they are lying and don’t seek them for advice in…