Family Vacation–How We Do It

Evening Kayaking
Evening Kayaking

In July I’ll be on vacation with my father, siblings and siblings’ families. Last year I wrote a very long entry in the guest book of the house we rented in Lakeby, WA. I surprised myself regarding what I wrote, which I felt was so good that I needed to have it for later for this forum. So I ended up tearing it out and leaving a much shorter entry.

What I wrote turned out to be two separate essays and with very little editing I shared the first part earlier . The second part I share below:

26 July 2015

19 July evening through 26 July morning

Annual Meixner Family Reunion Vacation at the Wisteria property in Lakeby, WA

13 people ages 9-86 years in attendance

We spread ourselves out over all 3 houses (Cottage by the Sea, Sea Shack, Wisteria Hollow.)

We gathered in morning for breakfast in the haphazard schedule that the diverse ages required.

We made day trips to hike, explore Gig Harbor, ride the elevator up the Space Needle.

Every evening we gathered for an evening meal. Like always, we took turns on who cooked. Clean-up we played as a team sport–intuitive and constant communication.

Evening Dinner
Evening Dinner

The views of the bay–calming. Kayaks at hand–they were used every day most often in the evening, before and after dinner.

The price of the week at the Wisteria by the Sea property had struck me as high, but my siblings were right to insist upon the 3rd house, Sea Shack. Based upon user experience and the extremely high customer service, $10K a week would not be too high.

An ideal place for our reunion vacation this year. Alas, next year we will be on the East Coast

Anne Meixner

Have a productive day,

Anne Meixner

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