Anne MeixnerAnne Meixner has worked as an engineer for 25+ years, most recently for Intel Corporation. In conjunction with that work she has participated in activities which encourage young people to pursue engineering careers. These include:

  • At the University of Maryland she supported the Society of Women Engineers’ efforts to encourage more women to consider engineering by organizing “Shadow an Engineering Student for the Day.”
  • Participating in “Expanding Your Horizons” STEM workshops for girls.
  • Giving tours to school groups at Intel Oregon’s Information center.
  • For Saturday Academy’s AWSEM program, she organized female Intel employees to support field trips. The middle school girls-only math and science clubs visited companies to learn about STEM opportunities firsthand from women role models.

Another aspect of Anne’s advocacy has been creating community for her peers:

  • At Carnegie Mellon University she created a forum called Women In Non-traditional Graduate Studies (WINGS.) For selected topics this monthly forum gathered women studying science, engineering, mathematics and computer science. With “The Two Body Problem,” a panel discussion addressed the challenges of two scientific professionals finding jobs within the same location.
  • For six years she co-chaired the I/O Design for Test (DFT) and Test Methods Joint Engineering Team (JET.) This bi-weekly forum enabled engineers to share data on and discuss the latest in IO testing at Intel.
  • In 2009 she founded the Oregon Technical Leadership Forum to provide monthly discussions among the engineering community at Intel. Sponsored by Oregon Women at Intel Network, example topics include: Lateral Moves, Innovation, Manager versus Technical Leader, Technical Writing.

With The Engineers’ Daughter vision of passing on wisdom to the next wave of technologists, she is taking the next logical step from having started the Oregon Technical Leadership Forum. This vision focuses on sharing the nuts and bolts of working with technology and the wisdom learned along the way.

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