Vision: Passing along wisdom to the next wave of technologists by telling stories.

Mission: Contribute to development and retention of US technology workers via storytelling and advocating.

Technologists: Tradespeople and engineers who work with technology to solve problems that impact society and generate business income.

Diverse Ability: We measure human Physical and Mental attributes along many axes–for example: hearing, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD,) and empathy. These abilities affect how a person learns and works. Perhaps their diverse ability impacts their approach to problem solving.


  1. Provide role models to women and men studying technology.
  2. Provide advice and adages to technologists at the beginning of their career.
  3. Have men and women share their stories about working with technology and the wisdom they have learned along the way.
  4. Have technologists write about their diverse ability and subject matter experts write about diverse ability.
  5. Identify technology stories that could be told at a greater length. Tracy Kidder’s Soul of a New Machine provides an excellent example of a book that describes a team of engineers and technicians designing a new computer in the late 1970s.
  6. Publish a follow-up to a book created by Barbara Lazarus, et. al. entitled Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering: No Universal Constants. Working title would be Journeys of Women and Men in Technology.