Starry Night at the Beach


Fall camping at the beach provided me a moment of feeling awestruck.

My family traveled the Delaware shore more times in September and October than July and August. The water was actually warmer, the waves more interesting to jump and the crowds were non-existent.  On one side of the road- the beach and the Jetty; on the other the campground.

While the sun filled the days it was the moon and the stars that filled the nights. I still recall an evening when I left the warmth in our tent for the bathroom. I looked up and the sky swirled with so many stars that I felt my head spin. Awestruck describes the feeling; a sense of wonder, an acknowledgement of the wider universe.

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Anne Meixner

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Additional Reading

Seeing stars can be a challenge due to light pollution.  You can learn more here.

Light pollution map.

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